About Us

Our mission is to connect international medical travellers with the Right Healthcare providers and Doctors at the Right time abroad to support them on their journey to better health. We believe that well informed patients make better healthcare decisions.

MedTravo is an online Global Medical Tourism and Wellness marketplace that connects International Medical Travelers to the Right Healthcare Providers and Doctors in different countries. We are able to help customers from all over the world to get access to personalized, safe and affordable medical care, no matter from where they are, meeting with their budget requirements in different Medical Tourism destinations Globally.

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More About Us

Med Travo is a Online Medical Tourism Company based out of New Delhi, India which provides accessible and affordable healthcare for the International Medical Tourists Globally. It is a company involved and dedicated to delivering quality and affordable healthcare to people from all over the world.

Patients can access specialists second opinions, compare treatment costs in different hospitals, and schedule an appointment at a trusted hospital or clinic in different specialties.

We promise to focus relentlessly on our customer to deliver you a high quality medical services at an affordable price. A world of medical care for low budget.

"At MedTravo, we transform healthcare data into the transparent info about physicians and hospitals so that the consumers can make more informed decisions. Not only do we redefine how consumers research, compare and connect with physicians and hospitals, but we also help transform the way hospitals reach, engage and communicate with the consumers and physicians."

Meet The Team



Founder & CEO

Adil is an Entrepreneur and thought leader in the maturing world of medical tourism. He understands the Medical tourism industry and he makes sure each and every Patient should be treated with safety, the finest quality and the most advanced healthcare in any part of the world . Now, on a mission to build one of the largest online medical tourism & wellness marketplace in the world. He holds a degree in Entrepreneurship Management from prestigious XLRI, Jamshedpur, India. Exhaustive experience in product strategy, product planning, market analysis and product management.



Co-Founder & CTO

"Arpit's vision is a world where everyone is contributing with their full potential; where each person uses their intrinsic genius and leadership to deliver outstanding value-added projects." Arpit is the Chief Technology Officer at MedTravo. He leads MedTravo product strategy to create an intuitive platform that both patients and clinics enjoy. He is responsible for the overall product development and leads the vision for the technological innovation in the company. Keeping user needs at the heart of the MedTravo, he works with engineers and designers to build beautiful and easy to use interfaces. He is a Tech guy and a C.S.E.



Head-Global Partnerships

Alfahad is an Engineer, Passionate about Entrepreneurship. He is responsible for the global corporate partnerships with different leading hospitals in the world and different stakeholders involved in the global Medical tourism industry. He felt that the drive of startups appealed to him so he joined the MedTravo team. His vision is to deliver the best outcomes and highest quality service to each and every medical travellers moving out to different destinations globally for the medical treatment. He has the passion to create a different impact in medical tourism industry.

Associate Representatives


Aaron Rusukira

Associate Representative Head
( Southern Africa )

Aaron Rusukira has vast experience in the healthcare system offering pyscho-social support to patients in hospitals in a multi-faith context. He has been to Australia, America, Asia and has tralleved in Africa offering inter-personal and intra-personal interventions to faith-groups, corporates and individuals hence gaining a broad global exposure. His University educational background spans from Humanities to Biology. He is passionate about people achieving optimum health in a holistic way.

a little bit more

Med Travo is working in association with all the Top and leading Hospitals in world which provides an excellent and world class facilities to people from different destinations. Med travo helps people to access the high quality Medical treatment as well as to get immediate access to affordable treatment globally.


Med Travo is committed to delivering the best medical tourism experience to patients worldwide and to help consumers find the right doctor and the right hospital, for the right care.

Quality & Trust

We consider access to proper health treatment an inalienable right of all individuals and we endeavour to offer effective solutions on a daily basis. Ultimately, health is the most valuable and integral ingredient of happiness! And we, at Med Travo, respect that!


We are completely digitilized medical tourism Market Place. By 2022, aspire to become one of the largest online medical tourism & wellness marketplace in the world.

Why Us

At Med Travo, we provide valuable benefits to our clients- We have collaboration with top hospitals and clinics for your treatment at the best affordable price. We totally understand your condition and psychological situation, thus we know how to make your medical journey a successful one.

Our Philosophy

Med Travo essential character revolves around values based on professionalism, transparency and responsibility.As an online medical tourism company, we understand our responsibility to provide clear, complete and productive services.

Quality & Accrediation

Both the hospitals and the medical team hold all necessary certifications provided by the Indian Ministry of Health, national and international health organizations.

Happy Clients Says...

Our clients praise us for our great results, personable service, expert knowledge and user experience. Here are what just a few of them had to say:

Thank you all for helping me through a difficult time. *My time spent at the Cancer Institute went by very fast and I looked forward to seeing Melissa, Hayley and Andrea’s smiling faces every morning. Brenda would always say good morning when you walked in the door. It has been a very lovely experience...

Anuj Kumar

Dyane did an excellent job of taking care of me after my hysterectomy! Kudos to her, Dr. Green, Jeff, Marlis, Megan, Dr. Fort and Susie in SS. They all did an excellent job and I am thankful they listened to me about my nausea after sedation, as they took good care of me

Jacob Lanes

It was one of the best medical trip I have ever had. The way of booking a hospital through your Med Travo platform is awesome, in takes only a couple of minutes in completing every thing...

Emily Brian