Getting a Second Opinion

In a short time and without coming to the clinic, you will receive a second medical opinion for your medical condition from the MedTravo's expert doctors.

Are you Looking for a second opinion?

When diagnosed with a serious illness, you want an independent analysis and an experienced specialist who can help you face a challenging situation more confidently and allow you to make an informed decision about treatment options available for your condition. With the Medical Second Opinion you will have immediate access to world class dcotors around the world and other leading international medical centers to give a complete medical file reveiw for you and assessment review of the treatment plan etc.

  • Bad Medical Condition or you have several medical problems.
  • Suggested treatment is risky, controversial, or experimental.
  • MedTravo provides you the choice of treatments or medical tests that vary widely in cost.
  • You're not responding to a treatment as expected.
  • You have lost confidence in your medical care provider.
  • Your health plan requires a second opinion.

Where should you start?

If you choose to go for a second opinion, it's a good rule to ask someone with at least the same level of skill and knowledge of your health condition as your current health care provider. Consider contacting a specialist. Your current healthcare provider may be able to suggest someone.
Even better, ask someone at an institution specializing in your condition, like a cancer treatment center or a heart surgery center. These centers will have the latest in healing technology, and a team of experts may be readily available to review your case.

What should you tell your healthcare provider?

Most healthcare providers will acknowledge their patients' right to a second opinion, so you just need to be honest and straightforward. Be sure to ask for your medical records so you can share them with the second healthcare provider. By law, your healthcare provider must give these records to you.

MedTravo second opinion helps in your diagnosis and treatment options

Frequently Asked Questions

A second opinion is a complete evaluation of your medical history, your diagnosis, and your treatment plan by a medical specialist. The consulting physician will either confirm your diagnosis and treatment or recommend an alternate diagnosis and/or treatment plan. This physician may recommend that you undergo additional diagnostic tests. Research has shown that between 20% and 60% of patients have a change of diagnosis or treatment plan after their second opinion

We believe that you always have the right to request a second opinion. Generally speaking, patients request a second opinion anytime that they are uncertain about their diagnosis or if their treatment options are complicated, risky, or unpleasant. You may like to consider a second opinion in particular when: - your doctor recommends a major surgery - you have been diagnosed with a life threatening condition - you have been diagnosed with a rare disease or prescribed a long-term prescription - your doctor is uncertain about your condition or diagnosis - your doctor recommends a treatment option which you are unsure about

Our global network of expert physicians covers all major medical specialties including general surgery, cardiology, oncology, neurology, orthopedics, dentistry, ophthalmology, and gynecology. In the rare case that we don’t have the right specialist in our network of 350 hospitals and clinics, we promise to find you a specialist that is right for your case.

In order to provide you with a second opinion, a medical specialist will need: - Your current diagnosis - Any supporting documentation, such as MRI or diagnostic tests - A description of any medical treatment you have already undergone - Your past medical history, including chronic illness, allergies, surgeries, and prescription medication - Specific questions you have for your second opinion

MedTravo second opinion doctors are the world’s experts in their specialties. They work at the world’s leading hospitals, conduct clinical research to pioneer diagnosis and treatments, are leaders within their professional associations, and teach at the top medical universities..

Yes, provided that you have that person’s permission and/or are the patient's legal guardian. In order to request a second opinion you need to be able to provide medical records which reflect the patient’s current diagnosis and current treatment plan, supporting documentation (such as MRI or diagnostic tests), and a comprehensive medical history.

Still have questions about second opinions?

We are here to help! We're committed to helping you get the medical information that you need.
To enquire further about our second opinion services, please contact our Care Team.


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